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  • room layout

  • room size

  • acoustics

  • lighting 

  • locations of service areas 

  • bars 

  • doors 

  • windows 

  • mirrors 

  • columns 

  • potential obstructions 

  • ceiling height 

  • existing installed equipment

  • outlet placement

  • utility drops

  • ethernet ports

  • phone lines

  • wifi nodes

  • breaker locations

Comprehensive analysis and diagnostic service provided to each new commercial client.

Insight Events LLC offers this free service in an effort to better understand our clients and address their overall situational needs. Thorough planning and preparedness ensures our events are a seamless success


This service includes a room by room analysis to record the following:

We test and verify the adequacy of high speed internet access, wireless access points, broadband width, and satellite capabilities.

We review room diagrams and AV placement practices you currently use and provide creative solutions to increase seating capacity when possible.

Call us today for information regarding repeat client promotions offered to the businesses, event planners, and sales managers we currently work with.


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